Exhaust Fumes

2008-09-30 02:49:53 by void150

Well, I finished another cartoon - my first commissioned piece of work, no less - a couple of days ago, but unfortunately the SWF file is way too big to put on Newgrounds. Which is annoying. I've tried everything, but can't cut it down to less than 10MB. So I'm instead posting a link to it on Youtube.

Warning! Contains some disturbing images.<div class="blogmedia">

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It's for a friend's band, go check them out (www.historyofguns.com).


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2009-03-19 18:37:24

That music video was pretty cool. That was the second movie i seen of your work and i was impressed.

void150 responds:

Many thanks! This one was really hard to make, with all the lip syncing and stuff - it's annoying that, when the flash gets rendered, and it's a large file, it tends to slip a few frames towards the end - this is one reason why I try to avoid songs with lyrics now! I'm still pleased with it though, and glad you enjoyed :)