Entry #1

General update

2007-11-05 15:47:55 by void150

Okay, hands up, it has been something of a long time since my last portal submission. There are a number of reasons for this but I'll keep it short and simple and say "it's because my computer's dying."

I'll be (hopefully) upgrading to a much better system within the next couple of months, at which time I can get more animation done and faster. And with dialogue that doesn't sound as if it's being broadcast from the moon. There are a growing number of scripts written out for cartoons yet to be made, plus one project by the name of Sexy World, which is stuck in the works right now and I hope will see the light of day some time in January.

Bear with me, please. And keep bearing with me for just shot while longer, while I fix things. And don't stop bearing with me.


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